How do I delete a song?
Go to your MySongs page and swipe from right to left across the "Share" button on the song you want to delete. This will turn it into a "Delete" button. Press this button to delete your song.
It's not working on my iPod Touch. Help!
LaDiDa works with 2nd generation and later iPod Touch models, but you have to plug in a mic. Try the earbuds with built-in mic. If you're still having issues, please contact us at help [AT] khu [DOT] sh.
Why is there a clicking sound in my track?
That's the metronome. To reduce the sound of the metronome, turn down the volume on your iPhone when you're recording.
Why is there no sound?
This probably means that the audio engine didn't initialize properly. Click your iPhone's "home" button and relaunch LaDiDa.
Why does the tempo of the accompaniment not match?
You may have forgotten to sing with the beat :) While recording, pay attention to the metronome track and the pink circles, to sing with the beat.
If I change the tempo after recording, it doesn't sound right anymore (accompaniment too short / long, out of sync, etc).
When you change the tempo after recording, it only changes the tempo of the accompaniment, so it will no longer be synched with your voice.
Why is my voice so soft in the recording?
While recording, make sure you are singing into the mic, which is located at the bottom left of your iPhone. If you hold the phone too far away from your mouth, or sing very softly, your voice may sound too low in the recording.
When I unplug the headphones, why does the sound stop or my iTunes music start playing?
We're not sure, but you can fix it by relaunching the app.
Some of my words got cut off at the end of my song, why?
In order to make a smooth ending, we have included a fade-out. To make sure your words aren't cut off, wait an extra two beats before hitting the stop button when recording.