Early Review in CreateDigitalMusic

Peter Kirn at CreateDigitalMusic wrote a nice review about LaDiDa and some of Parag’s other work on computational creativity, including a mention of Parag’s improv with Bobby McFerrin at the World Science Festival. Kirn, while duly impressed by LaDiDa’s AI technology, prefers Parag’s live performance to LaDiDa’s compositions. But that’s totally cool with us. Our goal was never to sound better than professional musicians. Rather, we hope to bring the joy of music-making to those who are not professionally trained.

Here’s an excerpt:

Sure, people may think they’re tone-deaf. But even the layperson has extraordinary powers of musical perception. So how could you train your iPhone to perceive and respond to music? That’s the question asked by LaDiDa for iPhone, the first of a new line of “intelligent” music applications for mobile devices. A “reverse karaoke” tool, the idea is to listen to singing and fake accompaniment, rather than having you sing along to canned backing tracks. Nothing is pre-programmed; everything is generated on the fly on the device.

It’ll even make up a Bollywood accompaniment to your singing:

Full article at http://createdigitalmusic.com/2009/10/06/iphone-day-ladidas-reverse-karaoke-composes-accompaniment-to-singing/#more-7801

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